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Be seen at night. Many drivers are content with using their sidelights in a built-up area after dark (left) but as the picture (right) so clearly shows, dipped beams are preferable. They not only increase your own vision ahead, for some street lighting is less than ideal, but — more importantly they allow you to be seen better by other road users.

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    Driving at Night

    Night driving is an essential part of motoring for most people, so if you have just passed your test do not keep putting off the day when you first drive in darkness. Like all other aspects of handling a car safely, night driving presents no undue risks as long as you observe the rules. Indeed, there are positive advantages to driving at night, when traffic begins to thin out: the experience can be less stressful and your journey time can be reduced. Driving in the dark, however, can be dangerous if you do not obey the rules, especially on a long run when you are feeling tired. Always remember the extra dangers of allowing your concentration to lapse, because accident rates per vehicle mile do rise dramatically at night. Read more