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The Art of Auto Engineering A complete 20 hour video course

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    122+ lessons

    Every single part of a car. Clearly explained in great detail.

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    With 122 lessons, the course is ready to go. Buy it today for a bargain price until filming is completed in September 2024.

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    Over the course of 20 hours, Alex Muir dismantles and then rebuilds a 2001 Mazda MX5 Miata. Every part and every system is explained in incredible detail, alongside beautiful CGI that makes it easy to understand. Professionally filmed in 4K, with full subtitles - this course covers the practical side of a major in automotive engineering.

    14+ pro hours

    Go from the basics to advanced automotive engineering using 11 sections of lessons. Every part of a car is explained.

    Course Handbook

    A downloadable 200-page handbook accompanies the course, with hundreds of beautiful illustrations of every part of a modern car - including practical tips and advice.

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    A one-time payment gets lifetime access. Watch online, or in our iOS and Android apps. We'll keep track of your progress as you master the mechanicals of a modern motor.

    Course structure

    Over 14 hours of pro-quality lessons are available in the course today. These 122 lessons are arranged into 11 sections. Further lessons are added every week, with an estimated completion date of September 2024.

    Get started now
    Get lifetime access
    $25 - One-off payment for lifetime access

    Viewers love it

    21 October 2019
    Tom Jackson, Tennessee
    13 October 2019
    Oscar Edel Netherlands
    8 October 2019
    WillJConnolly Austin, Texas
    30 September 2019
    30 September 2019
    @d_landsverk Grenland, Telemark, Norway
    18 September 2019
    wa3l San Francisco, CA
    16 June 2019
    @oliviasayward Berlin
    15 March 2019
    @CalabogiePro Calabogie, Canada
    12 March 2019

    Hi Guys. I wanted to shoot you a message and tell you how much I have been enjoying the course. Your production value is next level. I think programs like this are the future of the internet. You go above and beyond what top youtubers are producing and you hit the mark with an affordable price point. I often see posts in online forums where people are asking how to get into car maintenance and you are my recommendation.

    Ander G Canada
    2 March 2019
    Muhammad S Pakistan
    14 February 2019
    @P1kachugahashi1 Japan
    14 February 2019
    9 February 2019

    Hey Alex! 😀
    I can't describe how thankful I am for everything you're doing. Searching through websites and youtube can be soooo exhausting and overwhelming. It's a true blessing to have everything covered in one place in such an easy, simple and detailed way like in your website and video courses. 😀

    Amila S Kosovo
    20 February 2018
    @0xP1kachu Japan

    Any questions

    Can I start watching today?
    Absolutely. There are 14 hours of lessons covering the whole engine and most of the engine bay systems. We're filming more every week, and all future content is included.
    How long do I get access?
    Forever. Until the course is completed the pricing is a one-time payment of $25. When I've finished the course I might look at some sort of monthly subscription but for now, I know that I prefer to pay a fair price once and get everything. That's how it works in a shop and I believe that's how it should work online.
    When will the series be complete?
    September 2024. I work full-time on this series, and it takes a long time to setup, write, record and edit every lesson. But the quality is extremely high, and I want it to be a reference piece for the next 10 years. As technology develops I will go back and add more lessons.
    Can I download the videos?
    You can install the free apps for Android and iOS - these apps let you download the videos for offline viewing. At the moment you can't download the video files (mainly because I want to completely finish every lesson before I make them 'permanent').
    Will this course teach me to fix my car?
    I am asked this a lot. If you just want to fix one thing on a car then you don't need to understand automotive engineering or how things work. You can find videos on YouTube that will show you almost any repair, and you just follow those videos. But if you want to be able to diagnose and fix any car, any engine without spending hours Googling then you want a deep understanding of car mechanics. That is what you'll get from this series. You'll understand how things work, and by the time you've finished watching you'll really know what things like a MAF sensor, or a PCV valve are. It's universal, fascinating stuff! I love it.
    What about subtitles?
    Every lesson is professionally subtitled in English. Sometimes people ask whethe I will make subtitles in other languages and I'm afraid the answer is probably not. Technical foreign languge subtitles cost around $3 per minute. Right now we have 853 minutes of lessons, so it would cost $2,561 to translate. Sorry guys, there's just too much quality content!
    Can I donate or support you on Patreon?
    Thanks - you're kind! Honestly, the video course sales make enough to cover production costs and that's good enough for me at the moment. I love working on this project and I like creating a product that people buy and enjoy. If you've bought the course then that's great! I appreciate it :)