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Why I chose an MX5 Miata for the video series

I've had quite a few questions from people about why I chose to use an MX5 Miata for the video series. Was it sponsored? Am I an expert with them? Because I love them? The answer is... it just seemed the best choice at the time. Now, with hindsight, I realise it was the best possible choice in the world. Here's the story... Read more

Course progress: March 2019

We've been filming and releasing videos every week since getting into the new studio. The course now has 9.5 hours of pro-quality video, fully subtitled and I'm really proud of what we're producing! We're using CGI anywhere it helps understanding, and the general quality and feel of the videos is at an all-time high. Read more

New freebie from the course: Water pumps

We finished the first episode in the new studio and to celebrate I've put it up on YouTube so you can (hopefully) learn something new and also see the massive improvement in quality that we've made. Also.... shiny new CGI is working! Read more

Video course: Fabricating a new assembly stand

Now that we're almost finished assembling the engine, I spent a couple of days last week fabricating a new stand so that we can start to assemble the other engine bay systems: coolant, ignition, intake and exhaust. Most of these are mounted to the bodyshell, but if we drop the shell on now then it's much, much harder for you guys to see - not to mention harder for us to film. So I hit on a better solution Read more

Why do engines use belts and not chains?

Would an engine be stronger or better if it used a chain instead of a serpentine or fan belt? Some engines use timing chains instead of timing belts, and chains are stronger - a timing chain shouldn't need to be replaced for the lifetime of the engine, while a timing belt definitely needs replacing and this can be costly. Read more

Why water pumps will be electric (and oil pumps won't)

Over the next ten years, water pumps will probably be replaced with electric motors. They're more efficient, and easier to package up. And for hybrid engines they are all but essential. Oil pumps, on the other hand, will likely remain as pure mechanical pumps driven directly by the engine. Stick with me while we start with the basics - you'll learn a thing or two about engines along the way! Read more

We're back in the studio

Just a quick note to say the wrenches are out and we're filming the rest of the series right now, starting with the timing gear. Read more

Video Course: June update

It's been far too long since I wrote about the video course production. Purchasers of the course get email updates more frequently that I don't write here, but even then it's been too long. So here's the latest... Read more

Best YouTube channels to learn... woodworking

It's funny how some interests (or trades) got onto YouTube very early. Woodworking has been popular on there since the video-sharing behemoth got started. I suspect this is because the US has a strong tradition of TV shows about woodworking - two great examples being Norm Abram's New Yankee Workshop and Roy Underhill's Woodwright Shop. With a plethora of channels available on cable, and a bigger population, broadcasters were able to air more niche, and thus detailed shows. Over in the UK we had four channels, and so if something wasn't going to appeal to at least 5% of the population (or it was cultural) then it didn't stand a chance. Read more

Eisenwarenmesse 2018

In March we'll be at Eisenwarenmesse previewing all the new developments from Europe's top tool manufacturers. Look out for livestreams on the Facebook page and some great video content. There will be new modular workbenches. Read more

You can understand women - a guide for the 1955 Chevrolet salesman

Back in the 50s, Chevrolet produced some wonderful videos and booklets about auto engineering. And these guides are still useful today. Their guide to differentials is still probably the clearest explanation of how diff gears work. But definitely not timeless is this guide to understanding women. It's an artifact of the era, thankfully mostly relegated to the bin, along with the orange that it's printed in. Read more

Video Course: Summer update

Big progress has been made and we're ready to film the reassembly of the car now, which is really the meat of the course. Read more

Video Course: Filming begins, tools arrive and 3D models

We started filming on Friday! It's been a long two months of preparation work to get to this stage, but finally the cameras are rolling and we're making this video course a reality. It was a stressful but enjoyable day, and I can't wait to see what comes out of the editing. Read more

Video Course: Lights, engine crane and storage

It's hard to think back on what happened last week - it felt like a long week. Read more

Choosing a ratchet

The click of a ratchet wrench is the defining sound of a mechanic. Ratchets and sockets are extremely useful and versatile tools for the garage - in this article we explain how a ratchet works and what to look for when choosing one. Read more

Video Course: Lift installed and ready for equipment and lighting

After a solid week of working on the studio, I finished building the two-post lift and it works perfectly. The floor is finished and level, and we are ready to start bringing equipment and lighting into the studio. Read more

Video Course: Concrete, car lift, painting

Just to recap, here's what we've done so far: Read more

Video Course: New site, renders styles set up, VR

It's been a busy couple of weeks. Here's what we've been up to: Read more

Video Course: The car arrives and 3D modeling begins

The car is here. We have a 2005 Mazda MX5 Miata and it's sitting in our studio in Budapest. It came from Germany. It's absolutely perfect for our needs. Thanks Mazda! Read more

Video Course: Studio build underway

It’s about time we started posting regular updates on progress with the Read more

La checklist 2015 pour la conduite en hiver

Il est vrai que l’hiver est synonyme de vacances, de divertissement et généralement jouit d’une image joyeuse. Cependant les festivités peuvent facilement tourner en un véritable cauchemar si vous ne prenez pas bien soin de votre voiture pendant cette saison. L’hiver met à l’épreuve tous les véhicules, et vous devez absolument prendre des mesures préventives spécifiques pour éviter les pannes et les défaillances. Il vaut mieux prévenir que guérir, et dans ce guide, nous vous expliquerons comment garder votre voiture en pleine forme pendant la saison froide. Voici ce que vous devez faire… Read more

Lexus construit une voiture en carton

Au cours de l'été dernier, Lexus a commandé à quelques hipsters créatifs de Londres la création d’une version grandeur nature en carton de la Lexus IS. Read more

Consejos para conducir en invierno 2015

Invierno puede ser ideal para tomarse vacaciones, divertirse y estar feliz en general. Sin embargo, las fiestas y sus celebraciones pueden opacarse si usted no toma las precauciones apropiadas. Ya que los meses de invierno afectan gravemente a todos los autos, es necesario tomar algunas medidas preventivas muy específicas para evitar averías o un mal funcionamiento. Se suele decir que "prevenir es mejor que curar" y en esta guía le indicaremos cómo mantener su auto en óptimas condiciones durante la estación más fría del año. Esto es lo que tiene que hacer... Read more

The 2015 Winter Motoring Checklist

Winter may be the time for holidays, fun, and generally being jolly, but the festivities can very easily turn into doom and gloom if you fail to take proper care of your car during this season. Winter places severe stresses and strains on any vehicle, and you need to take some very specific preventative measures to prevent breakdowns or malfunctions. Prevention is always better than cure, and in this guide, we will tell you how to keep your car in peak condition during the cold season. Here is what you need to do... Read more

10 detalles curiosos escondidos en los autos

Los diseñadores de autos ya no se conforman simplemente con realizar fantásticos trabajos; por este motivo es que han estado ocultando en varios de sus diseños detalles que muchas veces son imperceptibles a simple vista. Algunos de ellos son homenajes y otros tantos, un toque de diversión. En inglés estas particularidades son conocidas como "Easter Eggs". Veamos algunas de estas curiosidades. Read more

Maravillosa y rápida, así fue la carrera de Gilles Villeneuve en Fórmula 1

El 8 de mayo de 1982 fue un día terrible para el automovilismo. El mundo entero recibía por radio la noticia de la muerte de la leyenda canadiense Gilles Villeneuve. Había sido apodado "el último gran piloto", "el piloto más rápido" y de otras tantas formas, todas ellas gloriosas. Algunos incluso lo llamaron "el hacedor de milagros". Uno de ellos fue Jacques Laffite, quien en una oportunidad dijo que "ningún hombre puede hacer milagros, aunque Gilles hace que esto sea cuestionable". Read more

Sesenta autos clásicos sin uso fueron descubiertos en un granero francés

Una casa de subastas francesa ha descubierto más de sesenta autos que han estado intactos durante casi cincuenta años. Estos se encontraban en un cobertizo de acero corrugado en el oeste de Francia. El descubrimiento fue hecho hace apenas tres meses, luego de investigar los rumores de una posible colección de reliquias automovilísticas. La colección está valorada entre los 12 y 15 millones de euros ($ 16 a 20 millones) y se pondrá a la venta en febrero. Read more

Un hombre construye a mano un Lamborghini Aventador

¿Se imagina cruzando los caminos polvorientos de Irán en un Lamborghini Aventador? No permita que las sanciones internacionales, cabras o la falta de fondos se interpongan en su camino. Un hombre llamado Reihani, que vive en el noreste de Irán, logró construir su propio vehículo con $50.000. Él diseñó y construyó el auto a mano en su propio garage, tan sólo con la ayuda de su hijo. Read more

Aston Martin revela el nuevo DB10 de Bond

Aston Martin ha revelado su nuevo DB10 junto con el anuncio de la última película de James Bond, Spectre. El nombre de la película está formado por las iniciales en inglés de ejecutivo especial de contrainteligencia, terrorismo, venganza y extorsión (SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion), una organización global terrorista vista por primera vez en Dr. No en 1962. Read more

La maravillosa reconstrucción de un motor

Chris Herridge pasó once meses reconstruyendo minuciosamente el motor de su Triumph Spitfire Mk3 y fotografiando el proceso. Con más de 3.000 fotos creó este increíble video del desmontaje y reconstrucción de su motor. Read more

Un auto volador se acerca al despegue

¿A quién no le apasiona la idea de un auto volador? La empresa AeroMobil, con sede en Eslovaquia, presentó el prototipo de Flying Roadster 3.0 y comenzó un programa regular de pruebas de vuelo en condiciones reales de vuelo. Read more

Una increíble demostración de suspensión activa de BOSE

Bose es principalmente conocido por la creación de productos de audio de alto rendimiento, sin embargo sus actividades de investigación van más allá del sonido. Durante más de dos décadas han estado investigando un nuevo sistema de suspensión para los automóviles. El video que se encuentra a continuación muestra el efecto de su sistema de suspensión. Read more

El camión del equipo Lotus de Fórmula 1 salta sobre un auto de carreras

Las acrobacias de autos por lo general se realizan con vehículos pequeños y no demasiado pesados. Pero Lotus F1 hizo todo lo contrario cuando lanzó un camión enorme sobre un auto de carreras de F1, rompiendo el récord mundial de distancia aérea de más de 25 metros. Read more

Máquina de clips

Así es cómo se hacen los clips. Podía verlo todo el día. Read more

Paperclip Machine

This is how paperclips are made. I could watch it all day. Read more

Un McLaren de un millón de dólares dura menos de un día en la calle

El propietario, de 27 años, de un McLaren P1 valorado en $1,2 millones, chocó su auto nuevo en menos de 24 horas de haberlo retirado del concesionario en Dallas, Estados Unidos. Hasta la fecha se han construido tan sólo 375 de estos coches, un número que se ha reducido a 374. Read more

Lexus construye un auto de cartón

Hace unos pocos meses Lexus le encargó a algunos creativos londinenses la creación de una versión en tamaño real, en cartón, del Lexus IS. Read more

Lexus builds cardboard car

Over the past summer, Lexus commissioned some creative London hipsters to create a full-sized cardboard version of the Lexus IS. Read more

En el interior del depósito secreto de Porsche

En 2009 Porsche abrió un museo en Stuttgart. Dentro hay un centenar de autos que van desde el primer Porsche en 1898, hasta el último LeMans híbrido 919. Sin embargo, un anónimo edificio de hormigón gris, ubicado a pocas calles del museo, acumula y almacena con sigilo más de 300 modelos raros y únicos. Read more

El creador del Batimóvil George Barris muere a los 89 años

El legendario constructor de autos de California George Barris, creador del Batimóvil original para la TV, falleció a los 89 años. Read more

Wondrous and Swift: Gilles Villeneuve’s F1 Career

Dreadful was the date of May the 8th, 1982. The whole world wept as the news of the death of Canadian legend Gilles Villeneuve spread like wildfire on all radio frequencies around the globe. He was dubbed the ‘last great driver’, the fastest driver, and with many other glorious titles. Some even went as far as to call him a miracle-worker. Jacques Laffite was one, famously quoted saying that no man could do miracles, and yet Gilles made you question that. Read more

Estos pistones del motor realmente saben cómo bailar

Este conjunto de cinco pistones radiales definitivamente pueden cortar una alfombra. Read more

Inside Porsche's secret warehouse

In 2009 Porsche opened a museum in Stuttgart. Inside are a hundred cars, from the very first Porsche in 1898, up to the latest 919 LeMans hybrid. But it's the anonymous grey concrete building a few streets away that holds the real treats: over 300 rare and one-of cars racked up and stored under covers. Read more

Batmobile designer George Barris dies at 89

Legendary California car builder George Barris, who created the original TV Batmobile, has died at 89. Read more

These engine pistons really know how to dance

This set of five radial pistons can definitely cut a rug. Read more

Man builds a Lamborghini Aventador by hand. In Iran.

Fancy yourself cruising the dusty highways of Iran in a Lamborghini Aventador? Don't let international sanctions, goats, or a lack of funds get in your way. A man called Reihani in the north-east of Iran managed to build his own for $50,000. He designed and manufactured the car in his own garage with bare hands, with a little help from his son. Read more

Iconic Patent Art

Old patents are beautiful. And they make gorgeous free art for the office. Read more

Sixty untouched classic cars discovered in French barn

A French auction house has unearthed over sixty cars which have laid untouched for almost fifty years in a corrugated steel shed in the west of France. The discovered was made just three months ago after rumours of a cache of automotive relics was investigated. The collection is valued at between €12-15 million ($16-20million) and will be offered for sale in February. Read more

Lotus F1 team jump truck over race car

Car stunts are usually performed using small and not too heavy vehicles. But Lotus F1 did the opposite when they launched a massive truck over an F1 race car, breaking a world record of aerial distance of over 25 meters. Read more

Aston Martin reveals Bond’s new DB10

Aston Martin has revealed its new DB10 alongside the announcement of the latest James Bond movie Spectre. Spectre stands for SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion, a global terrorist organization first seen in Dr No back in 1962. Read more

Million dollar McLaren survives single day on the road

The 27-year-old owner of a McLaren P1 crashed his brand-new car, costing $1.2million, within 24 hours of collecting it from the dealership in Dallas. So far only 375 of these cars have been built, a number now down to 374. Read more

Flying car approaches liftoff

Who doesn't love the idea of a flying car? Slovakia-based Aeromobil have just demonstrated their Flying Roadster 3.0 prototype and started a regular flight-testing program in real flight conditions. Read more

Amazing BOSE Active-Suspension demo

Bose is best known for creating high-performance audio products, but their research activities go well beyond sound. For more than two decades, they have been researching a new system for automobile suspensions. The video below shows the effect of their suspension system. Read more

Beautiful stop-motion engine rebuild

Chris Herridge spent eleven months painstakingly rebuilding the engine of his Triumph Spitfire Mk3, and photographing the process. Over 3,000 photos later, and he created this amazing video of an engine being disassembled and rebuilt. Read more