Learn how to understand and fix cars with this 20-hour video course

There are 89 episodes in the course, including:
Pedals 3 mins
Cylinder head 5 mins
Suspension 2 mins
Bolt prep 1 mins
Lubrication: Oil filters 6 mins
Driveshaft 4 mins
Bonus: Dismantling the engine 2 mins
Subframe teardown 1 mins
Wiring harness 10 mins
Lubrication: Oil Pump 9 mins

This video series will teach you everything about engines and auto engineering.

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The structured series you need

I start with a pile of parts from a Mazda MX5 Miata

(A complete video of the teardown is included.)

A pile of Miata parts
Complete assembly of Miata

I build the complete car, explaining every part in crazy detail

The engine, transmission, electrical system - it's all covered.

All the tools and techniques you need to know

I talk about choosing and using tools, and share loads of techniques and tips for fixing or restoring a car.

Using a tap and die

We built a complete 3D model of the car, including every nut and bolt.

It's so easy to understand when you can see things working!

Over 6 hours available right now

Another 14 hours being filmed and released to you by February 2019.
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Bonus: Dismantling the engine
Engine Block
Tools: Using a tap set
Using an engine stand
The Pistons
Tips: How to install piston rings
Tips: How to install pistons
Head Gasket
Cylinder head
Engine Valves
Tips: How to install and remove valves
Tips: How to install camshafts
Lubrication system: Intro
Lubrication System: Oil
Lubrication: Oil Pump
Lubrication: Main Oil Seals
Lubrication: Oil filters
Lubrication: Oil Pressure Switch
Lubrication: Where the oil goes
Lubrication: Oil Pan / Sump

Teardown: Bodywork & Interior

The Plan
Center Console
Parking brake
Steering wheel
Front bumper
Lighting system
Trunk lid
Rear bumper
Filler cap
Fender / Wing
Steering column
Heater Unit
Interior Carpet

Teardown: Splitting the car

Underbody preparation
Bonnet stay
Washer tank
Air intake
Coolant tank
Throttle cable
Engine wiring
Brake master cylinder
Clutch master cylinder
Engine pipes and hoses
Main fuse box
Power steering reservoir
Steering column
Oxygen sensor connection
Gear lever
Battery loom
Brake wires and pipes
Exhaust mounts
Anti-roll bar
Brace bars
Subframe bolt locations
Supporting the subframe
Removing the subframe bolts
Splitting the car

Teardown: Stripping the shell

Rolling the subframe
Fuel tank
ABS Hydraulic Unit
Evaporative canister
Engine bay cleanup
Power steering cooler
Seat belts
Wiring harness

Teardown: Subframe

Subframe teardown
Battery loom
Bolt prep
Removing the transmission
Engine removal
Mounting the engine to the stand
Rear Suspension


Engine stand guide


The car
Garage tour
The kit
The plan
Dealing with rusty bolts

The chassis

Types of chassis
How the chassis gets its strength
Crash protection areas

The bodyshell

Crumple zones explained
Materials and construction
Design considerations

The engine

Timelapse strip down
Building the bottom end
How the crankshaft works
Fitting the cylinder head
How the camshaft works
Installing the valves
The oil pump
Installing the sump
How engine timing works
Reinstalling the engine on the chassis

Fuel injection

Fuel injection overview
How an injector works
Timing of injection
Modifying the injection system
The fuel pump and petrol tank

The transmission

Gearbox disassmbly timelapse
How the clutch works
How the gearbox works
How reverse gear works
Rebuilding the gearbox
The drive shaft
Diff strip and rebuild
How a diff works
Fitting the gearbox to the chassis

Exhaust system

What the exhaust does
Exhaust designs
What's inside a catalytic converter
Types of emissions
Refitting the exhaust


Fitting the bodyshell to the chassis
Body panels
The doors
How electric wing mirrors work
How electric windows work
How central locking works
How windscreen wipers work
Air conditioning

Electrical systems

The wiring loom
Understanding the ECU
The ECU: Input sensors
The ECU: Outputs
How the alternator works
How the battery works


Everything in the dashboard
How the speedometer works
Power assisted steering explained
How the seats adjust
How seatbelts work
Installing trim


Reconnecting everything
Types of fluids in a car
Refilling the fluids
Lets go!