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Driving in busy traffic

Driving in busy traffic Junctions Don't enter unless you can see a clear exit. Articulated trucks Road widening Buses Junctions Cyclists Remember that they may have to take a very wide route around a corner, so watch their indicators. Nearer to the traffic lights there is room for two cars on each side - but don't try to make two lanes too early. Always let them out. They have schedules to keep and you won't delay yourself much. Leave room for other drivers to continue to use the junction - even if you are stationary. Watch out for them coming up on the inside, especially if you are turning left.

In town driving you may encounter many other road-users in many different types of vehicle - most of them wanting to go in different directions. Reduce congestion and tempers by letting other drivers in and out of junctions and trying to anticipate other people's moves - even if they give no signal.

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    Making allowances for other road users

    Consideration for other road-users is one of the most important assets a driver can have. Not all road-users have the luxury of all-round vision and easy manoeuvrability that you have with a car, so you have to try and work out other drivers' blind spots and appreciate the difficulties they're up against. Read more