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Four wheel drive

Four wheel drive Rear differential Prop shaft Centre differential Drive shaft Front transaxle (combined gearbox and front differential)

Most four-wheel-drive saloon cars on the market today started life with only two-wheel-drive, and have had four wheel drive added to increase traction and driveability. The two-wheel-drive version of the Audi Quattro shown here is a front-wheel drive model.

It is possible to add drive to the undriven wheels of most vehicles - whether they were originally front-wheel or rear-wheel drive. More and more manufacturers are now following this trend in response to customer demand.

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    Using four-wheel drive

    Four-wheel drive has long been fitted to cross-country vehicles, such as Land Rovers, but in the last five years more and more manufacturers are offering it on road cars, where it brings the same advantages of improved road grip. Read more