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Hazardous crossings

Hazardous crossings Joining Use the slip road to build up speed and join the traffic flow at a suitable gap. Slip roads Take care not to block out cars trying to join the main carriageway. Crossings Don't try to nip through a small gap in the traffic stream. It may panic oncoming drivers into braking too hard. Right turns Watch out for drivers slowing down to enter a slip road on the right. Pulling out If there is no slip road, accelerate smartly to avoid holding up the traffic flow. Limited visibility Overgrown bushes can limit your view of the oncoming traffic.

The most dangerous type of junction is tht where a minor road meets a dual carriageway that has cars travelling at high speed. Apart from those vehicles crossing the dual carriageway, others are joining and leaving at the same place. Slip road junctions on to a carriageway are also difficult. They can cause bunching in the traffic stream and may lead to sudden braking.