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Parking in a restricted space

Parking in a restricted space

This is one manoeuvre which many drivers never master, yet it is simple, and is a good way of demonstrating a driver's spatial concepts. Provided that you have judged the available space accurately, this procedure should be completed in two movements first backwards then forwards — though a bit of juggling might be called for in a really tight situation.

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    Just occasionally all of us find the pleasure of motoring heightened by a drive through beautiful countryside on quiet roads, but most of the time we have to contend with other traffic, and an increasing quantity of it. Sometimes, however, you may be able to make what promises to be a congested journey more enjoyable by re-timing it (perhaps by leaving home before the rush hour or after it subsides) or by planning to by-pass towns wherever possible (by travelling on country roads as well as purpose-built bypasses). By carefully studying a map before a long journey, you may be able to avoid much of the traffic. Read more