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Illustration #2283

The sign says 'Give Way' but, as is clear from this picture, it is often better, even necessary, to come to a halt. A surprisingly high number of accidents occur at points like this, whereas sensible driving would avoid trouble. Advanced motorists think about these situations in advance.

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    Extra risks face motorists wherever roads meet and diverge, whether at crossroads, T-junctions, roundabouts or forks, but by using the techniques of advanced driving and applying a systematic approach, junctions can be dealt with as safely as any other part of the road system. Accidents do not 'just happen' of their own accord — they are caused by bad driving. While you should always take extra care at junctions, you must recognise that they present an ideal opportunity for other road users to cause trouble. We have all seen other drivers adopt their own odd ways of approaching junctions and navigating their way through them. Be on your guard, therefore, for what a road safety expert might describe as 'an accident waiting to happen'. Read more