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The Turbocharger

The Turbocharger To inlet manifold Turbine housing Oil supply Lubricates and cools the bearing of the central shaft which may turn at speeds approaching 200,000 rpm. To exhaust system Turbine wheel Placed in exhaust stream and turned by exhaust gases. Exhaust gas inlet Oil return Central shaft Runs in oil-fed bearings and rotates with turbine wheel. Compressor housing Filtered air intake Compressor wheel Driven by turbine wheel via central shaft, it forces extra fuel/air mixture into induction system.

At the heart of the turbocharger are the turbine and compressor which rotate together on the same shaft. The turbine is housed in and driven by the exhaust stream. It turns the compressor which pumps air into the engine.

Critical attention is needed to the design of the centrally mounted bearing, because the turbine, compressor and shaft can rotate at speeds of up to 200,000rpm.