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Tunnel vision (top) is a less common defect, but potentially disastrous. The view straight ahead is fine, but peripheral vision is badly affected. The hazards of such a defect need no elaboration. Finally, some people suffer from double vision, which can greatly affect your judgement on the road. If you suffer from these or other defects, it is in your own interest, as well as that of all other road users, to do something about it.

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    To be an advanced driver you need to become a skilled observer. Good powers of observation, which demand practice and thought, can keep you out of trouble in 90 per cent of all potentially dangerous incidents. You need to absorb all the information you see around and ahead of you when you drive, and select what is useful. All drivers do this to a certain extent, but the real value of skilled observation does not come until it has been developed into an art. Just as a ship's master reads his chart in difficult waters, you must read the road ahead so that you can anticipate potential dangers. Read more