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Paid but can't watch full videos

Old Paypal email

Sometimes the purchase is recorded as an old email address linked to your Paypal. If the course is not showing in your account, please check your Paypal account to see if it is linked to an old email address. If so, you can reset the password and get access to your email.  If you no longer have access to this old email address then please email me with the old email and your new email and I will fix it.

Wrong email

If you use lots of different email addresses, or you vary your email address in some complicated way then the chances are you're using the wrong email. Please check all your email accounts until you find the email from us with your purchase confirmation.

Videos not playing

The most common cause of videos not playing is that you are behind a firewall that blocks access to videos.  Maybe you're in a school, workplace, or you have a strict parental filter.  Our videos are hosted on and so if you can't visit that site then videos are not going to load on your internet connection. 

Can't type email address on the app

I'm afraid the email address login box on the app is very sensitive and you have to tap around to get it to focus.  I'm working on a fix for this.  If you absolutely can't get it to work then please use the web player at