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Course progress: March 2019

9 March 2019

We've been filming and releasing videos every week since getting into the new studio.  The course now has 9.5 hours of pro-quality video, fully subtitled and I'm really proud of what we're producing!  We're using CGI anywhere it helps understanding, and the general quality and feel of the videos is at an all-time high.  

Here are the videos that we've released in the last month:

- Timing gear & valve timing
- Car structure - covers the subframe and chassis
- Engine mounts - very interesting episode on how vibration is isolated from the bodyshell
- The flywheel
- Harmonic balancer - another episode that covers an important topic most people don't bother about.
- Serpentine & Drive belts
- Starter motor - I'm particularly proud of this one.  Great detail on a supercool component.
- Automotive Electricity: Principles
- Automotive Electricity: Measurement
- Using a compression tester
- An introduction to oscilloscopes

We've already filmed the episode on alternators and that's in the process of being edited.  Next up is the cooling system, and then the air intake.

I've built a rig so that we can assemble the entire engine, gearbox, and running gear without the bodyshell.  This is means it's really easy to see everything that we're talking about.  Of course, I'll have to dismantle the whole thing when it's time to move it onto the actual shell, but it's well worth the effort!

So... that's where we are!  The course is still just $20 and that already represents amazing value for 10 hours of pro-level training.  And there's more to come!!