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Checking for wheel and tyre damage

Tyres are put under tremendous strains when a car is being driven. Read more

Avoiding tyre wear

The best way to keep tyre wear to a minimum is to maintain correct tyre pressures for the load and speed conditions, and to drive as smoothly and carefully as possible. Avoid fierce braking, hard cornering and violent acceleration. Read more

Avoiding tyre and wheel damage

A nail or screw through a tyre not only causes gradual deflation, but the point may damage the interior wall as the tyre flexes against it, leading to eventual fracture of the carcass. A tyre with a sidewall penetration cannot be repaired satisfactorily. Read more

Checking, removing and refitting road wheels

When you take the wheels off to inspect the tyre walls, clean the wheels thoroughly and look closely for cracks starting around the stud holes, and at the joints between the rim and centre. Read more