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Eisenwarenmesse 2018

In March we'll be at Eisenwarenmesse previewing all the new developments from Europe's top tool manufacturers. Look out for livestreams on the Facebook page and some great video content. There will be new modular workbenches.


If you're at the show and you'd like to show us something then just drop an email to - we're always looking for new developments in automotive technology to share with our readers. And don't forget - we've got Learn Building coming soon too!



Why I chose an MX5 Miata for the video series

I've had quite a few questions from people about why I chose to use an MX5 Miata for the video series. Was it sponsored? Am I an expert with them? Because I love them? The answer is... it just seemed the best choice at the time. Now, with hindsight, I realise it was the best possible choice in the world. Here's the story... Read more

Course progress: March 2019

We've been filming and releasing videos every week since getting into the new studio. The course now has 9.5 hours of pro-quality video, fully subtitled and I'm really proud of what we're producing! We're using CGI anywhere it helps understanding, and the general quality and feel of the videos is at an all-time high. Read more

New freebie from the course: Water pumps

We finished the first episode in the new studio and to celebrate I've put it up on YouTube so you can (hopefully) learn something new and also see the massive improvement in quality that we've made. Also.... shiny new CGI is working! Read more