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Video Course: New site, renders styles set up, VR

It's been a busy couple of weeks. Here's what we've been up to:

3D modelling

We've continued with creating a model of the car. All the bodywork is now finished, and we've moved on to some of the trickier internal trim like the door cards.

The modeling has become even more important because it will not just be a part of the video, but also we'll provide 3D annotated models of ever car part inside the new app and on the website. If we invest in creating the model now, then when technology catches up later it will pay dividends. And along those lines...

We're also exploring some visual styles for the CGI elements of the video series. Here's an example of the latest render:

Virtual / Augmented Reality

If you're on a relatively recent mobile phone or tablet then you can see a demo of some of the virtual reality ideas. As you move your phone around you can see the whole scene inside the studio. That's just a simple demo for now, but later we'll provide the same thing for inside the engine bay - and we can also create videos in the same style.

The redesigned How a Car Works homepage


The old site served us well but it needed a refresh and so we've rebranded and redesigned the site.

There's a better menu and things are slightly more colorful. The homepage also makes it clearer that we have lots of articles with beautiful illustrations.

Redesigning is always a little more work than it seems because we also have the site in French and in Spanish.

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Just to recap, here's what we've done so far: