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Removing and refitting the distributor

Do not crank the engine or move the car in gear while the distributor is out of the engine. If the engine is turned, the timing will have to be reset. Read more

Fitting and adjusting contact-breaker points

The contact-breaker setting is often neglected, but it is vital to good running. Ideally, check and set the gap, between every major service, and replace the contact breaker after 6,000 miles or 10,000 km, or twice a year. Read more

Checking the dwell angle

When fitting new contact-breaker points in the distributor, the normal way of checking the gap between them is with a feeler gauge. Read more

Overhauling a Bosch distributor

Bosch distributors are found on many different cars and are generally very reliable. But after a high mileage you may find that the engine isn't running quite as it should. If the rest of the fuel and ignition system is well tuned but the car doesn't accelerate cleanly, the problem may lie in the distributor advance mechanism. Read more