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How to replace windscreen wipers

Wiper blades are fitted bayonet-style to the end of the arm, or the end of the arm is hooked or has a side locking pin. If you renew just the rubber part, be sure to get the right one and follow the maker's instructions. Read more

Checking windscreen wipers and washers

Windscreen washers and wipers must, by law, be in working order. Keep the washer bottle topped up with water and ensure that the wiper blades and arms are in good condition.  Read more

Servicing the windscreen-wiper mechanism

The windscreen-wiper mechanism needs little maintenance. At service intervals drip a little oil down the wiper spindles from outside. If they stick, the motor could burn out. Read more

Fixing a windscreen wiper motor

Disconnect the battery . Remove the electrical connections from the motor , preferably labelling them so that you can refit them to the right terminals . Read more