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Checking damper units

Almost all modern cars have hydraulic telescopic dampers in their suspension systems . Read more

Checking engine dampers

Engines prone to rock on their rubber mountings, particularly at idling speeds, have extra dampers or plain bars with rubber-bonded bushes at either end to hold them steady. Read more

How to replace dampers

Modern telescopic dampers cannot be overhauled at home. The only servicing possible is to replace rubber bushes (See Checking damper units ). Read more

Replacing lever-arm dampers

A lever-arm damper on the front often acts as part of the suspension unit. Read more

Renewing MacPherson-strut inserts

When the damper inside a MacPherson strut wears out, you can buy a replacement cartridge which — depending on type — may or may not include new parts for the strut itself. Read more

How car springs and dampers work

The suspension system affects both the driver's control of the car and the comfort of the occupants. The springs allow the wheels to move up to absorb bumps in the road and reduce jolting, while the dampers prevent bouncing up and down. Various mechanical links keep the wheels in line. Read more