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How to clean a car interior

Car interiors collect a lot of dust and grit, particularly on the carpet. Regular cleaning cuts down wear and discoloration, and gives the carpets and upholstery a longer life. Read more

Cleaning the outside and checking for rust

To remove the film of grime which forms on the bodywork use plenty of clean water. Do not wipe with a dry cloth — the dirt will scratch the paint. Read more

Cleaning and checking the underside

Mud and dirty water thrown up by the wheels is the principal cause of body rust on cars. If the underside is unsealed, keep underbody dirt to a minimum to reduce the chance of rust damage. Read more

Cleaning and replacing a control box

On cars with dynamos, faults in the control box show up in various ways, some of which are described in Testing a dynamo and checking output . Read more

Air filter change

A choked filter in an air cleaner causes increased fuel consumption and, eventually, extra engine wear. Read more

Cleaning fuel-pump filters

A blocked fuel-pump filter will cause the engine to cut out intermittently, particularly at high speeds, and it may stop altogether. Read more

Removing a carburettor for cleaning

Over a period of time, dirt inevitably gets through the fuel filter of a carburettor , and chemicals in petrol leave residues which can eventually clog parts of it. Read more

Checking and cleaning an SU carburettor

The SU carburettor is simple to strip. It has only one jet (except in a few special types) and very few moving parts. It is very reliable, but it can become dirty and choked — and some parts wear out. Read more

How to overhaul a Stromberg carburettor

The Stromberg carburettor does not have a regular service schedule, but should be cleaned about once a year. Replace worn parts as necessary. Read more

Checking and cleaning a fixed-jet carburettor

Fixed-jet carburettors are easily blocked by small dirt particles and chemical residues from fuel , because some of the jets are very small. Dismantle and clean them about once a year. Read more

Checking and cleaning a GM Varajet carburettor

The Varajet carburettor used on many Vauxhalls and Opels is a hybrid between fixed-jet and variable-jet (for example, SU) types. It is as sensitive to dirt and sediment as any fixed-jet carburettor, and needs careful cleaning about once a year. Read more

Checking a Ford VV carburettor

The Ford Variable Venturi carburettor is fitted to many small Fords. Read more

Lubricating hinges, pedals and locks

At regular service intervals clean and lubricate hinges on moving panels and foot-pedal pivot points. Check the accelerator cable for stiffness. Read more