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Adjusting and replacing window-winding mechanisms

There are three basic systems used to raise and lower car windows: mechanical linkage with scissor action; cable and pulley; or rack and pinion. Read more

Repairing quarterlights

Quarterlights are now rarely fitted by manufacturers so you mostly find them on older cars. It is a segment of glass next to the main pane, which may or may not open. Read more

Replacing rear quarterlights

Rear quarterlights are found behind the rear passenger doors on a four-or five-door car or behind the side doors on a two- or three-door car. Some open, others don't. Read more

Repairing an electric window

Electric windows are being fitted to more and more cars as standard equipment, while conversion kits are available to suit most models. Read more

Fixing a heated rear window

There are a number of possible causes for a rear window heater not working, including a blown fuse , a broken or chafed wire, a faulty switch , a damaged heater element or a bad earth connection. Read more

Vehicle adhesives and sealants

You do not always need to replace a component that is worn, damaged or broken. There is an increasingly wide range of sealants and adhesives in car accessory shops that allow you to make satisfactory repairs, thus saving the cost of buying a new component. Read more

How to tint windows

More and more top-of-the-range cars are being fitted with tinted windows as standard. Tinted windows have practical benefits. They provide extra privacy inside the car, making it more difficult for a thief to peer inside for any valuables; they help to protect the upholstery from sunlight, which might otherwise fade the fabric; and they also help keep the interior cool. Read more

Installing window blinds

As well as improving the look of your car, rear windscreen blinds have a number of practical benefits. First they make your car more secure because they hide any valuables on the rear shelf (including radio-cassette speakers) from a casual car thief passing by. Read more

Fitting a sunroof

Fitting a sunroof brings extra fresh air and light inside the car, making driving more of a pleasure as well as considerably increasing the resale value of your car - provided the job is well done. Read more